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A phone for superheroes

In Barcelona, LG shows a design for a transparent cell phone.

A take gander through the LG GD900 LG

If the Invisible Woman needed a cell phone to call the other members of the Fantastic Four, or if Wonder Woman wanted a handset for her namesake jet, they'd be wise to check out one of the latest phones from LG.

The GD900, which LG debuted at the GSMA World Congress, is billed as the world's first transparent-design phone. We're always skeptical when any company claims to have a "first in the world," but in this case we admit that we've never seen anything like the GD900.

The HBM-M580 matches the clear design. LG

Of course, not everything on the slider handset is transparent--when you think about it, a see-through display would be difficult to pull off--but the rear slider is translucent and the keypad gives off an eye-catching show. LG will also offer an accompanying Bluetooth headset, the HBM-M580.

At this point, we can't say whether the GD900 will rely on more than just looks. LG is keeping the feature set under wraps for now, but we should know the full specs in the second quarter of this year.