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A 'personal' microwave--never share again

The "iWavecube" is less a cubic foot.

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In our day, most dorm rooms got by with makeshift "kitchens" that consisted of a hot plate and maybe a toaster oven. But that was back in the days when space was at a premium because the stereo--and stacks of vinyl LPs--took up half the room.

Now we have "personal" microwave ovens to do the job, some of them barely bigger than a breadbox. The "iWavecube," for example, will heat up frozen pizzas like the best of 'em while occupying under a cubic foot of space and weighing just 12 pounds.

It may not be as mobile as the portable "WaveBox," but it comes close. Either way, you can save a little money on this "Tailgating Trailer" by passing up on its optional microwave. Or, if they start making one with an LCD built into the door, you could just watch the game at home.