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A peeler to the third power

If you're ready for a vegetable peeler that can do a little more work than the old-fashioned variety, consider the Trio Peeler.

The Trio Peeler can handle any veggie you throw at it. Williams-Sonoma

If we had more room in our kitchen drawers--and maybe a few more dollars in our pockets--we might have a couple different vegetable peelers. Maybe we would have a heavy-duty peeler for the thick-skinned vegetables, like zucchini, and another peeler for the softies, like tomatoes or peaches. We might even have a julienne peeler, for shredding thin strips of vegetables. Rather than giving up drawer space to three peelers, however, we can now use Williams-Sonoma's new Trio Peeler.

The Trio Peeler has three retractable blades, all of which are stainless-steel. The soft-grip handle is a little oversized, which makes it easier to hold on to when wrestling with particularly stubborn potatoes. To use it, you only need to turn the handle to choose a blade and then slide it into place. You won't just be using a flimsy blade to peel your vegetables, though: the handle curves around, providing support for the blade and locking it into place. The peeler's tip even has the necessary edge to remove potato eyes.

This peeler offers a lot and the price ($14.95) isn't bad. It's 10 inches long and the blade cartridge is dishwasher safe.