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A PC-TV for the wall

The Meivo tries to do it all

Tech Digest

We weren't particularly fond of the keyboard computer, but we don't want to hold that against all combo devices. The "Meivo TV," for instance, is something we wouldn't kick out of the living room if someone gave it to us as a gift. The 22-inch LCD has 720p resolution, an Intel Core 2 Duo chip, wireless keyboard and mouse, and is ready for both HD and Vista, according to Tech Digest

Made by U.K. gaming notebook maker Rock, the Meivo is priced at 1,000 pounds (around $1,940)--which may be its biggest drawback, as you can now get a flat TV at more than twice the size for about the same amount of money. That doesn't include a computer, of course, so we still wouldn't mind trying out the Meivo. We're not sure if it's the ultimate PC-TV converged appliance envisioned for years, but it sure beats the heck out of WebTV.