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A panoramic peek inside the Airbus A380 cockpit

The largest commercial passenger plane in history has an extremely modern cockpit.

Airbus' mammoth A380 is the biggest passenger jet in history. Now, a French photographer has posted a panoramic image of the plane's cockpit. Airbus

Wow. I wish I was a pilot.

That's all I could think Monday morning when I came across an amazing panoramic image of the cockpit of an Airbus A380.

I must admit I don't understand most of what I see in the panoramic--I would show an image of it here, but as of this writing, I hadn't gotten permission from the photographer, Gilles Vidal, to do so--but it just looks like one heck of a plane.

This is also one of those great panoramics that lets you move around, zoom in or out, and rotate up or down and so forth.

And out the cockpit is another A380, just across the tarmac.

You can be sure that as further A380 news comes along, I'll feature it here. For now, though, just enjoy playing with this image. And try to not get nauseous, as the continuous movement of the panoramic is a little bit vertiginous.