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A one-stop storage shop for your fruit

Banana boat protects your bananas from bruising.

One of my favorite parts about summer is eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Although these kinds of things are available year round, the nicer weather makes my local produce market a destination on my days off.

The tricky part about buying an abundance of fruits and veggies is eating them before they rot, and the biggest offender of preemptive over-ripening in my fruit bowl is the banana. Whether I buy organic or conventional, there is inevitably at least one in the bunch that transitions into the brown speckled mess that ends up becoming banana bread.

I'm not saying that I don't like banana bread. I just like to reserve my summer supply of 'nanners for my breakfast cereal and afternoon snacks.

My banana tree has worked so far, but there's something off-putting about allowing such a one-shot pony to take up valuable real estate on my counter top. A much more practical solution is this Banana Boat, designed by David Quan, is a gadget that combines the more functional fruit bowl with the specialized banana tree. With the Banana Boat, your bananas are suspended, preventing bruises and brown spots from forming. And in a smart, space-saving design move, the rest of your fruit fits conveniently underneath instead of in a totally separate bowl.