A one-stop digital-media shop

Demofall One of the amazing things about the Demofall show, which ended on Wednesday in Huntington Beach, Calif., was just how many compelling technologies were showcased.

The idea was to cover as many of them as possible during the show, but there just wasn't time. But good technology deserves a hearing, and it would have been a shame to ignore the innovation that is Streamload's MediaMax media center.

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Designed to give consumers a one-stop shop for handling, collecting and sharing all manner of digital media, the Web-based software seems like something that could appeal to just about anyone.

Got a dozen video clips of the new baby to store? Check. Got a series of podcasts to archive? Check. Got a thousand images from Burning Man to share? Check. Got...well, you get the idea.

Effectively, MediaMax offers, in a single package, the features that users might otherwise find by employing a series of applications that handle specific tasks. To date, the company has signed up corporate customers like the San Francisco Chronicle, which is using it to archive podcasts. And it's hoping that if big newspapers are willing to pay it to handle mission-critical media collection and sharing, then customers will as well.