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A novel of gadget communication

Finnish author offers text message novel

As a lover of literature, I am the first to applaud the creative brilliance of the epistolary novel: Nabokov's Ada, Walker's The Color Purple. Hell, even the Griffin and Sabine series provided a unique tactile approach to "eavesdropping" on people's correspondence.

Viimeiset viestit

But I'm not sure I could get excited over reading pages and pages of fictitious text messages. The Finnish publisher, Tammi, thinks I, and you, will.

The Last Messages by Hannu Luntiala is a novel of 1,000 SMS messages. The novel is the story of an IT guy who drops out of life to travel Europe and India, and keeps his family and friends abreast of his adventures through text messages. The SMS messages include grammatical errors and abbreviations "for added realism," according to Mobile Magazine.

I don't exactly smell a Nobel Prize.

The novel is currently available in Finnish, but the publisher is considering releasing it in other languages.