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A note on Albanian music

A site called RiniaMP3.net catches Senior Associate Editor Jasmine France's eye for all the wrong reasons.

What can I say? I have a bit of a soft spot for ridiculous technology. That's not to say that I would actually recommend most of it to others, or even like it myself, but there's something that draws me to it. So when I received an e-mail--one that I would normally delete without a second glance--with the subject line: "You're welcome to Www.RiniaMp3.NET," and the enticing body text: "Where You can download a tons of music. Without register or pay money for it [sic]," I couldn't help myself. I had to check it out.

As it turns out, RiniaMP3.net is another music download site of questionable legality based on foreign soil, this time in Albania (apparently). The "tons of music," which you can find in the "download area of MP3," is mostly Albanian humor and tunes. Clearly, the site is made to appeal to a niche market. I can assert that the spammers missed the mark with me in this case, though it's worth noting there is a handful of American pop songs on the site as well. As always, download at your own risk, and remember there are other sites that result in the artists actually getting paid for their work.