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A Nokia N95 wins the lottery

Gold and diamond version is priced at $24,500.


If more tech companies were as aggressive as Amosu, we probably wouldn't have nearly as many product launch delays as we do today. The U.K.-based bling meister--which promises to customize pretty much anything in "diamonds, gold or white gold"--has done it again with a diamond encrusted Nokia N95.

And unlike so many "special editions" that number in the tens or even hundreds of thousands, the diamond N95 is limited to just 10 handsets. The specs indicate why: It's made of 18-karat solid gold and festooned with 325 diamonds totaling 3.30 carats--for about $24,500. Amosu generously allows buyers to choose the color of the stones and whether they want white or yellow gold. The phone also comes with a one-year complimentary international concierge service.

Before you gag on the photo, remember that it can always be worse. It could have a leopard-skin design or cost as much as the Vertu's $310,000 "Signature Cobra."