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A new world order for television

The FCC and a couple cable companies tout TV a la carte. Also, debating the on-demand business model, and diving viewer preferences.

More and more, the TV viewing experience is shaping up to give you what you want, when you want it.

A la carte TV

FCC and some TV distributors say it makes sense, but some cable companies and content providers say it is too expensive.
December 5, 2005

Digging for dollars in TV-on-demand

As an era of ordering TV shows at the push of a button gets under way, new challenges are clouding the landscape.
December 5, 2005

What creature will succeed the couch potato?

With a major shift in TV-viewing habits on the horizon--thanks to TiVo, the video iPod and more--the industry is scrambling to figure out what's next.
December 2, 2005

Matsushita bets big on plasma

Top consumer electronics maker says it will double output at its new $790 million plant.
December 2, 2005

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Me TV: Finally, you are in control

Viewers are entering the realm of custom TV, finding exactly what they want to watch, whenever they want it, wherever they happen to be.
April 11, 2005