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A new spin on snacks

Planning a party? Got your menu set? We can't speak for your cooking, but your presentation will practically sing with this snack tray.

Like a record, baby. Modern Artisans

A great serving platter can make even the most basic snacks stand out. You can showcase your chips, fruit, or pretzels--as well as your environmental sensibilities and your good taste--in a vinyl snack tray created from actual vintage 12-inch albums.

And because you want to make a specific statement about your musical choices, you can choose from rock essentials, '80s pop, or crooners such as Sinatra and Dean Martin. You can even choose your own artist, provided your choice is included on the short list of options.

Coordinating coasters and bowls are also available, but using everything all at once might be a little much.

At $26, these trays make a great conversation piece or a fabulous hostess gift.