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A new open-source blog. Whoopee?

There's a new open source blog. Who cares?

Om Malik, has a new blog on his network focused on open source. OStatic. I'm a supporter of all things open source, but I can't seem to get excited about this. As near as I can tell, the blog's primary author (Sam Dean) has little background in open source: his job has been to write on GigaOM's Web Worker Daily blog.

At least Reuven Lerner, another writer on the blog, actually has experience with open source. That might come in useful given that the blog is supposed to be about open source.

We don't need more lightweight analysis of open source. To the extent that OStatic breaks new ground, I welcome it. But if it's simply meant to add a missing piece to GigaOM's general coverage (which is what its first few posts seem to suggest), it's not helpful.

I love reading other open-source blogs, but there are very few that are useful on a regular basis. I hope OStatic becomes one of these. It will if it focuses on reviews of open-source applications/projects (a topic that doesn't get any concentrated coverage). It won't if it just lends another watered-down voice to the open-source world.