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A new grip on a box grater

The Quirky Grip Grater puts a new spin on an old kitchen classic. The ability to switch out grates makes the grater versatile as well as easy to use.

Grate how you want to grate.
Grate how you want to grate. Quirky

Preshredded cheese may seem like a benefit, but in reality nothing compares with cheese that has been freshly (or at least recently) grated.

Those convenient bags found hanging in the grocery aisles? They contain fillers designed to keep the cheese from caking. Edible? Yes. Delicious? Not so much. We can do better. And that includes how we grate the cheese.

The Quirky GRP-1-CW1 Grip Grater Cheese Grater updates the old-timey kitchen classic and affords it some additional utility. Instead of four separate sides that each has its own different grate size, this deconstructed new model uses one folding base unit that accommodates inserts. The design not only allows for the device to be unfolded and rested over bowls, but it also makes it easy to get a grip on it.

A new idea for an age-old kitchen task may not be enough to cause users to throw away the ancient box grater, but storage issues might. The bulky box grater is and always has been a cumbersome contrivance that takes up a lot of room in ever-dwindling cupboard space. Being able to get a grip on a new kitchen tool is definitely a benefit here, but the ability to fold it away for easy storage is one that gives it long-lasting appeal.