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A new forum for asking: Will you be mine?

High-tech couples have found a new cupid: the Web. But not every message gets through.

High-tech couples have found a new cupid: the Web. Net romances and proposals elicit the words "I do," but some last-minute lovers must wait for their online messages to get through. Digital matchmakers share the love
Former dot-commers, no longer married to their jobs, are looking to marry each other. They are turning online dating services into one of the few Web ventures showing a profit.
February 14, 2002 
News for Nerds: Will you marry me?
The co-founder of, the premier Internet geek discussion forum, proposes online. The answer? "Yes. Dork."
February 14, 2002  
Valentine's wishes sit in Web traffic
People who waited until the last minute to send electronic Valentine's Day cards may be out of luck--especially those looking for a bargain.
February 14, 2002  
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Amazon tests Europe's Valentine's pulse
One in nine people surveyed by admit to sending themselves cards on Valentine's Day. Plus: The French are the biggest Valentine's spenders.
February 11, 2002