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A new face in HTPCs

New line of HTPC chassis set to emerge next year.

When we first opened the PDF containing the concept images of Omaura's concept TT chassis, we thought for a second it was a large, TV-stand-ready all-in-one PC whose display had a seriously distorted aspect ratio. We'll confess to a little disappointment once we realized it was simply an upright case, but that shot of its interior got us excited again. Imagine sticking the TT on a low-profile table under your wall-mounted LCD or plasma screen.

Omaura's concept HTPC gone upright. Omaura
Psst...wanna buy a hard drive? Omaura

The shots of the TT concept come to us by way of Chris Morley at Omaura North America. The former Velocity Micro Director of Product Development is now helping to bring Omaura's cases to the U.S. Whether the TT will become a real product is still to be determined, but if you head over to Omaura's Web site, you'll see its current clean-lined TF product selection. These should be on sale in the U.S. next year in the form of either DIY chassis or complete systems from various system vendors. Of course, the case itself could float on a cushion of antigravity and it would still have a hard time making a home theater PC as seamless as traditional entertainment hardware. Still, for living room PCs, Omaura's cases look particularly sleek, with not a single alien head in sight.