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A new antistink technology

Maytag has announced the addition of a new antistink technology--the Fresh Hold Option to its Performance line of washers.

The Performance Washer Maytag

Maytag's Performance washers and dryers are known for the long list of standard features, but they're getting one more: a Fresh Hold Option. The new technology prevents clothes from smelling like mildew, even if they sit in the washer a little while between the end of the wash cycle and moving over to the dryer.

The new feature is based on dynamic venting: the washer uses a fan, combined with a tumble cycle, to eliminate moisture that would normally still be in the washer after the clothes were cleaned. It doesn't dry clothes, but it significantly reduces the amount of moisture that clothes sit in--along with a mildew smell.

The Performance line of washers and dryers are particularly efficient at cleaning clothes: the washers use a variety of features to complete washing cycles with the minimum amount of water necessary, while the dryers use a sensor to cut drying cycles' lengths down to what is actually needed. The entire line are high efficiency appliances, as well as offering a larger capacity that many other washers and dryers on the market. The Fresh Hold Option will be added to the 450, 550, and 950 Performance models. These washers start at $1,199.