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A multimedia helmet that's Gatorade-proof

It's both a music player and a communications device.

Voz Sports

If NFL teams continue to use technology on the field--legally or otherwise--you've got to wonder how long it'll be before they start using something like this.

The "Multy LYNK" helmet from Voz Sports would seem just as suitable for the battlefield as the gridiron, serving as both a multimedia device and communications tool. In addition to playing MP3s on its built-in stereo speakers, according to Gizmodo, it has a "two-way Family Radio Service radio with voice control and 14 channels (plus 38 privacy codes) or via Bluetooth."

We'd be dubious about the effectiveness of its noise-cancellation technology at venues like Lambeau Field during the playoffs, but the Multy LYNK does have a weather receiver and a waterproof finish to help survive the freezing tundra. And if your team happens to win, the helmet can be submersed in a liter of Gatorade for a full 30 minutes.