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A mouse that worries about RSI

It comes with its own built-in wristpad.

USB Fever

Silly us. Just when we were thought some sanity was coming to the trend of combo gadgets, along comes one that brings home the insane reality: a mouse with a built-in wristpad.

OK, maybe the idea isn't totally off the wall, but take a gander at this thing. It looks like something your crazy inventor uncle might concoct in the basement with some spare parts from an old Dustbuster.

USB Fever, which has brought us the likes of the USB heating pad (need we say more?) is peddling this supposedly ergonomic mouse with its unsightly attachment, which is filled with silica gel--that's right, the same stuff that comes in those ubiquitous little packets in everything from suitcases to foodstuffs. So don't gnaw on it.