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A motorcycle out of the past for the future

It's only a concept so far, but what a concept it is.

Confederate Motor

Every once in awhile (OK, a lot), we feel compelled to mention an item simply because its photo is so bizarre--even if it's only a concept. That's certainly reason enough to discuss the "Renovatio" from Confederate Motor, a motorcycle that looks something like a cross between a Civil War-era steam engine and the monster in Alien, with a touch of Tron for good measure.

Apparently the bike is more than just a fantasy, as the company plans to release it next year. The motorcycle owes its unusual looks in no small part to the materials used to construct it: "a suspension of titanium and carbon fiber, LED lamps and carbon fiber wheels," according to Luxist. And it has brawn to complement its beauty, with a 1686cc, 150bhp engine.

Even if it never makes it to production, the prototype would be perfect complement to the Batmobile computer mod.