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A Monty Python sci-fi movie? With Robin Williams? What?

Three members of Monty Python's Flying Circus have reportedly signed on for a new movie in which aliens come to Earth to grant wishes to humans.

Michael Palin (no known relation to Sarah) in the Dead Parrot sketch. Chadner/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk

Have you ever had the kind of feeling where, after hearing a piece of news, your mind-body continuum is so confused that you don't know how to react?

This is largely how I felt on hearing there will be a new Monty Python movie. A new Monty Python sci-fi movie. A new Monty Python sci-fi movie in which Robin Williams will have a role.

It is nowhere near April 1.

So I have to take Forbes' word for it that this may actually come to pass.

It seems that the storyline will revolve around the original Python members involved -- John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones (who will act as director) -- playing aliens who come to Earth in order to grant wishes to humans.

In what currently seems like an utter non-sequitur, Robin Williams will play a talking dog. More accurately, he will offer the voice and the dog will act.

I am conscious that not everyone might know who or what Monty Python's Flying Circus is or was.

It was a comedy show on the BBC that consisted of comedians performing sketches that appeared to have been written under the influence of substances that were not exclusively oxygen.

You might describe their humor as absurd. Actually, to describe it as anything would be absurd. Some, though, might be familiar with the Dead Parrot sketch, which I have embedded here.

The Pythons have enjoyed performing at the extremes, although Cleese seems more often to be seen in ads than anything else these days.

One of their more famous legacies is the song "Always Look On The Bright Side of Life," which was performed quite beautifully by former Python Eric Idle -- who has reportedly not yet signed up for this movie -- at the Opening Ceremony for the London Olympics. (Sample line: "Life's a piece of s***, when you look at it.")

Variety describes this movie -- currently entitled "Absolutely Anything" -- as "a sci-fi farce."

One can only hope that this, well, whatever it is, will neither besmirch the reputation of the Pythons, nor that of sci-fi.

Somehow, I still can't quite imagine it. Perhaps that's a good thing.