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A modern wall unit to be shaken, not stirred

This Italian media center is worthy of the best martini that money can buy.


As noted before, the dreaded '70s-era wall unit is making a 21st century comeback, in no small part because flat-screen TVs have obviated the need for the equally cliched entertainment armoire. And we're relieved to report that, unlike their predecessors, the newer generation doesn't require gouging one's eyes out.

Not surprisingly, the Italians have taken the concept to an entirely new plane. Their latest accomplishment is the "Monos" line by MisuraEmme, a flexible modular apparatus that includes a bar as well as appropriate space and compartments for all manner of media gadgetry in a museum-like structure of reflective glass. Trendir says it's even made with a special laquer finish that "elminates the release of toxic particles into the air," giving you points for being green as well as tasteful.

The only thing we'd change is that bottle of Jack Daniels on the top shelf. This setting clearly calls for a martini.