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A mini speaker cube for the MobiBlu DAH-1500i

A mini speaker cube for the MobiBlu DAH-1500i

MobiBlu has quietly released a little speaker designed to complement the DAH-1500i. Indeed, the Cube Speaker ($29.95) is the exact size and shape of the MP3 player. There's not very much info on MobiBlu's site, but it appears to be a mono speaker with a retractable 3.5mm miniplug and a power switch. It has a built-in battery (rated for 5 hours of playback) that you recharge via USB, so no need to worry about a power drain on your MP3 player. (Thanks to its standard headphone jack connection, the speaker isn't committed to the DAH-1500i.) The Cube Speaker is definitely cute, but I doubt you'll get quality sound from something that small. Still, if you must have a portable speaker in your pocket, this is one of few options.

Source: Gizmodo