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A mini-robot to work out those knots

It looks like an alien, but it's just an ergonomic massager.

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We at Crave live for massages. In fact, if we had a choice, we'd probably spend all hours in a massage bed and personal sauna. Alas, with such luxuries out of reach, so we're constantly on the lookout for something that can satisfy our need for a quick fix--and on paper, at least, this rechargeable mini-massager looks worthy of consideration.

There's certainly no shortage of massage devices on the market, but this ergonomically designed model looks easier to use than most. As Gizmowatch notes, it has kind of an R2-D2 quality about it that could make it an ideal robo-massage therapist. Besides, the $25 that it costs wouldn't even cover a half-hour with must humanoid versions.