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A mini OLED keyboard: Optimus Pultius

A look at the smaller cousin of Art Lebedev's Optimus Maximus OLED keyboard.

Optimus Pultius
Art Lebedev

If the Optimus Maximus keyboard is a little too over the top for you, the upcoming Optimus Pultius may be more suitable. Instead of a full keyboard, this one has only 15 keys, each sporting an individual OLED display which can be customized to show whatever graphic you want.

So, if you like what you see in the image above, you will be able to launch certain applications quickly or use some Photoshop shortcuts without memorizing the key combinations. The value of something like that is you'll have something cool on your desk--a great way to one-up your colleagues.

Though given the Maximus' $1,877 whopper of a sticker shock, one-upmanship won't come cheap. Look out for it at the end of this year or early next year.

Via OhGizmo!

(Source: Crave Asia)