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A mini-mouse for tiny hands

New mouse shows that small isn't always better

We're all for fashionable peripherals, but this one might make sense only if you want to display it but never use the computer

Samsung, Anyzen mouses

At 0.3 inches thick and about 3.1 inches long, the optical Anyzen UM10 looks more like a memory card than a mouse. It also looks remarkably similar to a new ultra-slim mouse from Samsung, as Ubergizmo points out, but is even slightly smaller. Both have a tiny scroll ball, which we can only assume is designed to make them even more difficult to use, as well as a retractable USB cord--which is a good thing, because they might get lost without it. But there is one notable difference: The Anyzen, of course, comes in pink.

(Photo: Ubergizmo)