A million-dollar RV, by land or by sea

Why should luxury stop at the shoreline?

Terra Wind

What could possibly be better than a million-dollar RV outfitted with state-of-art technology? One that goes in the water, of course.

As insane as it may seem, the Terra Wind Amphibious RV" has all the proper accoutrements for a luxury vehicle of its class, including an 6-foot swim deck, an 8-jet whirlpool, marble floors, wood paneling, leather furnishings, and a fully equipped home theater system featuring a 42-inch plasma TV, according to Uncrate. In the cockpit you'll find the instruments needed for the aquatic half of its persona to operate the submerged motors, rudder controls, bilge pumps, rudder control, and other standard yachting fare.

Surprisingly, the prices don't seem that much higher than land-only RVs in this category: from $850,000 to $1.2 million. Then again, there's not exactly a common range for this kind of thing. As for us, we'll wait for a seagoing version of the 5-star hotel on wheels.

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