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A machine that's worth its weight in fat

The mother of all body fat meters is here.


We should have seen this one coming after learning of Matsushita's plans to make slimmed-down massage chairs. Now another Japanese company has developed what appears to be the ultimate fat-analysis machine.

Tokyo-based Tanita--whose slogan is "the body fat experts"--has gone well beyond its bevy of smart scales to produce "a precise electronic, abdominal fat meter that can measure the amount of fat deep inside of you, even around your organs," according to Popgadget. The AB-101 does seem more civilized than being assaulted by those inhumane calipers, but it still looks like a cross between a TSA scanner and an MRI machine.

Perhaps it's all part of a national obsession to make sure that the Wii Fit doesn't become known as the Wii Fat, at least in Japan.