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A luxury titanium phone and getting stung in the happy place on CNET UK podcast 451

On this week's show, the delightful Andrew Hoyle is joined by the excellent Katie Collins to discuss a luxury titanium smartphone and being stung by a bee in the gentleman zone.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

A new level of luxury has been reached in the smartphone world with the arrival of the Vertu New Signature Touch -- a smartphone wrapped in titanium and alligator skin that starts at £6,500. The devilishly handsome Andrew Hoyle is joined by the superb Katie Collins to discuss just how much is too much to pay for a phone.

Also up for discussion this week is the arrival of and whether its developer Rovio is all out of new ideas. Mix in some research about being stung in the happy place by a bee and a review of the new film "The Martian" and you have yourself one hell of a good tech podcast.

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CNET UK podcast 451

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