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A look at the ASUS Eee Top (touchscreen)

The team at ASUS are creating fantastically innovative machines while the rest of the PC industry churns out the same old stuff.

Asus Eee Top
Asus Eee Top Asus

The ASUS Eee Top isn't just a iMac clone, it's a brand new style of hardware that has both a keyboard and a tactile screen to "humanize" the computing experience.

Reviews have been mixed but the guys at Hispazone put the Eee Top through it's paces (in both English and Spanish) and I think it looks pretty amazing.

The part that really matters is the touch-screen that is demonstrated in this video.

The reviewers seemed to be genuinely pleased with the whole experience:

Even with the snags we can get from the Eee Top, it will become a referent in tactile control for the domestic computers and will probably be a before and an after in what we know as domestic computer because this kind of interface "naturalize" the use of the computer making it more integrating and easy for the whole family.

I wrote last month about ASUS' Netbook domination. I certainly hope Dell, HP and Lenovo are paying attention