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A look at Star Wars: The Old Republic's end game

Bioware shows off 10 minutes of high-level gameplay in what may be the next big massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Thankfully, no cute astromech droids were harmed during the capture of this screenshot. Bioware

The highly anticipated Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG still lacks a release date, but Bioware isn't shying away from showing off some end-game content.

As a bit of background for the uninitiated, gamers can group together in SW:TOR and tackle challenges called "operations," which are similar to raids or instances found in World of Warcraft. These types of areas are critical to those who have reached the maximum level possible by offering intensive teamwork experiences and the chance to acquire high-powered items. Dallas Dickinson, Bioware's director of production, previews one of those operations, Eternity Vault, in a 10-minute video released a few days ago.

The official description reveals some backstory of the area. "A prison discovered buried in the ice on Belsavis is thought to house an ancient and deadly evil that could threaten the galaxy," Bioware says. "To counter this threat, General Threnoldt dispatches Imperial forces to investigate the prison and confront the dangers within."

You'll love watching the footage of Sith swinging red sabers and other classes working together to defeat massive turrets and a mechanical menace who actually kills some players in the video.

While the walkthrough simply highlights the first few minutes of the eight-person encounter, a glimpse of other areas within Eternity Vault is viewable during the last 30 seconds. We'll explore more of Star Wars: The Old Republic in a special Crave series when the game goes live.