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A London nightclub's biometric velvet rope

Smokers need to re-enter club by scanning fingerprints.


Generally, when we hear about London nightclubs stateside, it's because Prince Harry was spotted dancing on a table in a sarong or because some flashy playboy racked up a ridiculous tab. This time, however, it's a little bit different. The Camden Town boite Koko has introduced a new high-tech system to keep tabs on partygoers who leave the club for smoke breaks. Upon leaving the establishment, their fingerprints are scanned; they're then allowed seven minutes to enjoy their cigs, and then afterward must re-enter by re-scanning. Makes the bouncer's job a whole lot easier, I'm sure.

Those Brits sure do come up with some innovative nightlife tech.

I'm not a smoker, but I'm familiar with the need to briefly leave a noisy nightclub in order to make a cell phone call and then attempt to regain access without waiting in line all over again, and I think fingerprint scanners show promise. Londonist thinks it's a tad "unnecessarily draconian," but if it replaces those impossible-to-wash-off hand stamps, I'll take it.

Nothing like walking into a Friday morning meeting with the remnants of a "21+ OPEN BAR THURSDAYS" streak on your hand. Let's just say it's not exactly the best way to express to your boss that you might be a little bit out of it that day.

(Londonist via PSFK)