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A little Macworld haiku

As Mac fans eagerly await the moment Steve Jobs appears onstage, this is how one reporter passes his time.

The Macworld Expo starts Tuesday, and I'm sure there are countless people out there who simply don't know what to do with themselves in those long hours until Steve Jobs steps onstage at Moscone Center in San Francisco.

As I sat at my desk this afternoon, pondering my next few days, an e-mail came across about free passes to the show, and for reasons that I can't fully explain, it got me writing a little bit of Macworld haiku.

Sure, it's silly, but then, so what.

So I thought I'd offer mine up and give you all the opportunity to share your own with the world (in the comments section). Remember, haiku is five syllables, then seven, then five more.

Macworld Moscone
once a year, very big lines
Will John Mayer sing?

Steve Jobs speaks loudly
Reality distortion
Apple fans bow down

iPod, Mac, iTunes
Who's got the scoop on what's new?
here is one more thing

Blue jeans, black sweater
Is it a new pair each year?
How 'bout the glasses?

A MacBook tablet
That's what I would like to see
Just six days to go