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A line of 'workstations' for the arcade

Nex-sys extends its line of thinly disguised gaming gear.


It must be tough for the Nex-sys salespeople to keep a straight face while pitching their products as "workstations." Clearly, whoever ends up using the company's line of "V1" desks and chairs won't be getting much work done because they'll be too busy honing their skills on Halo 3.

While initially touting their workstations' ergonomic and space-saving designs, Nex-sys immediately adds that they can also be used as a "gaming chair, flight simulator, and racing simulator," as well as a "personal movie theater." In addition to its height-adjustable monitor stand (apparently able to handle triple screens), the apparatus sports surround-sound speakers, custom colors, and actual car seats instead of a standard office chair, according to MobileWhack.

It looks like it would make a pretty good set of drums too.