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A light switch that you can gently caress

Design prototype now available for sale.

International Fashion Machines

Did it ever occur to you that light switches could be warm and cuddly? No, I didn't think so either, but apparently nothing's impossible these days. This Essential Wall Dimmer, which retails for $99, looks a bit like a fuzzy caterpillar but promises to actually turn your lights on and off.

Here's how it works: give it a nice little stroke, and its "Plush Touch Screening Technology" will turn the light on or off, or dim it to suit your personal illumination preferences. Simple as that--at least it's supposed to work that way.

The promotional photos suggest it as good for kids, and considering it comes in colors like "Seattle Sky," "Aubergine," "Bamboo," and "Wheat Grass," this appears to be targeting the yoga mom demographic. But really, grown-ups like warm and fuzzy things too. Duh.

(Via Gizmodo)