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A leak-proof commuter cup? We'll see

Caffeinated Cravers remain skeptical.


OK, so this isn't a gadget per se. But we're willing to bet that more than a few caffeinated Cravers out there are interested in a commuter cup that's supposedly guaranteed not to spill even when tipped over, so you can concentrate on more important things. "When the lid is closed, analysts were able to turn the commuter cup upside down and shake it vigorously without a single drop escaping," according to its product description.

These "analysts" (we'd love to see their resumes) apparently also concluded that it's the easiest to drink from, by the way--as long as you remember to press the button on the lid. Some of us at Crave are skeptical, to say the least, after having gone through dozens of defective commuter cups over the years, with shirt and carpet stains to prove it. But we'll probably never find out because $25 is way too much for us to pay for a type of cup that sells for a buck or two at so many other places, leak or no leaks.