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A lava lamp to guide you through the darkness

Night light with retro-'60s appeal.


You know, I kind of like lava lamps. Unlike the whole ambient orb craze, lava lamps aren't just background decoration--they're fun to stare at. They also have legit retro appeal, which is pretty cool when it seems like just about every gadget is trying to look as futuristic as possible. Now, crazy-gadget hub ThinkGeek is selling a $10 lava lamp night light that Gizmodo alerted us to today. You can get 'em in red or yellow (though on the product page, the yellow looks more like neon green), and they plug right into any electric socket. Then it gives off a nice, soothing, mesmerizing glow.

Plus, it could prevent me from tripping over power cords while walking around my apartment late at night. But that's just a cool bonus.