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A laser alternative to the comb-over

High-tech hair device has FDA approval


We at Crave aren't just about shiny, superficial gadgets--we care about superficial issues of personal appearance as well. Recently, for example, we highlighted a zit-zapping treatment for some of the younger readers of this blog. Now, for the other end of the age spectrum, we offer another public service announcement for the "HairMax LaserComb."

This device, which looks sort of like a curling iron for an Anakin princess, is designed to regenerate and thicken your hair using laser energy. Don't laugh: Medgadget says it's even gotten FDA approval.

This is scientific stuff, people. HairMax claims to employ a "truly unique form" of laser technology to work its magic. So don't think you can just stick your dome in a microwave and get the same results.