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A laptop for your DJ fantasies

Fujitsu's concept PC has a touch-sensitive disc control on its cover

Fujitsu's turntable laptop

This is one of those products that can either be really hot or really stupid, depending on how it's being used and by whom. We sadly think we'd fall into the latter category, so Fujitsu's "Turn Table PC" will probably remain a concept for us even if it does go into production as promised in the next couple of years.

Still, we can look, can't we? The laptop's unique design, as described by OhGizmo, features a cover that doubles as a touch-sensitive LCD panel that allows you to control your MP3 player. The screen inside has a similarly functioning screen to control the computer itself.

Perhaps most notable, the Turn Table lets you act out your most ill-advised DJ fantasies because the controls are designed as a black disc-shaped "turntable." How embarrassing.