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A laptop for the para-military in all of us

Notebook is designed to look like a control panel

This is something for those of you who really get into your games--maybe even a little too much--but can't afford a life-size cockpit.

Military PC
Akihabara News

NEC and Takara have teamed up to offer a laptop designed to look like a panel you'd find at mission control. It's a natural extension for Takara, which Akihabara News says has already made such troubling items as a "destruction button" to turn off your PC and a fan shaped like a rocket launcher. (And here I was worried about my son having a toy six-shooter to go with his Halloween cowboy costume.)

But as Akihabara points out, this is pretty much just an average NEC computer with a bunch of stickers and wallpapers and a few add-ons to make it look military-esque. So don't expect to launch any surface-to-air missiles with it.