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A laptop for $75? OLPC's ex-CTO out-cheaps cheap

$75 for a laptop? That's an absurdly low number, but possible....

$75. That's a week's worth of Starbucks. But that's exactly the price that Mary Lou Jeppsen, founding (and former) CTO of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project, is targeting for her next gig asshe told Groklaw:

I'm starting a company called Pixel Qi. Pixel Qi is currently pursuing the $75 laptop, while also aiming to bring sunlight readable, low-cost and low-power screens into mainstream laptops, cellphones and digital cameras. Spinning out from OLPC enables the development of a new machine, beyond the XO, while leveraging a larger market for new technologies, beyond just OLPC: prices for next-generation hardware can be brought down by allowing multiple uses of the key technology advances. Pixel Qi will give OLPC products at cost, while also selling the sub-systems and devices at a profit for commercial use.

Very cool. Maybe she can get sued by a felon, too. One must have goals, you know.