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A laptop case for paramilitary missions

RadTech says 'MacTruck' can survive being run over by a car.


Now this is a laptop case that makes sense to us. There are PCs, keyboards and even USB drives designed to withstand all manner of assault, but our needs aren't so ambitious. In fact, given our sedentary nature, the only time we really worry about damage to our computers is when they're packed away for the car or plane. Which is precisely where RadTech's "MacTruck" comes in.

The aluminum-alloy case, which the manufacturer claims is "rugged enough to drive a truck over," has two steel latch bars to provide maximum protection for a MacBook or PowerBook, according to GadgetGrid. Better yet, it's designed so that the laptop can be used while it's still in the case, allowing access to all its ports and drives.

It's a bit pricey at $200 or $230. But if you can't pamper your laptop, what kind of geek are you?