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A kimono for the iPod

For most people, getting an iPod triggers the purchase of an iPod case. But here at, Miyavix's "Kimono" iPod cases are actually triggering some to purchase iPods.

Kimono cases

The cotton and leather cases--each one cut individually--are not only beautiful to look at, they are well-made, light-weight and seem durable. Like all of the company's Apple accessories, they are made in Japanese family-owned factories.

The cases have been on the market for awhile now, but a new line was recently launched. There are three models, one for the iPod ($45), one for the iPod Mini ($40) and one for iPod Shuffle. The iPod Clickwheel 20GB and iPod 30GB require included padding for a better fit.

We recommend using the company's wheel and screen films (sold separately) with the iPod and iPod Mini Kimono cases. The Shuffle case, which doesn't appear to be on the market right now, doesn't provide any access to controls.