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A keyboard for spies and messy eaters

iKey's latest model has no crevices between the keys, making it both waterproof and easy to clean.


The people at iKey (not to be confused with IKEA) clearly have some sort of James Bond complex. Last fall they debuted a keyboard made for night-vision goggles, and now they've come out with a model that supposedly can endure the harshest environments. (What's up with all these survivalist keyboards, anyway?)

The DT-5K-MEM-TP, whose name perhaps intentionally sounds like an encrypted message, is an "industrial membrane" keyboard that's made with a "hard-coated, textured polyster film" that supposedly puts silicon keypads to shame. It also bears the distinction of being NEMA 4X-certified, which the company says "means it can withstand directed hose water, disinfectants, environmental contaminants, and heavy industrial use."

The keyboard is also handy for those occasional underwater missions, as seawater won't seep into it because all the keys and its Synaptics touchpad are completely sealed. Which, by the way, makes it much easier to clean after spilling Cheetos crumbs and Red Bull on it all hours of the day and night.