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Hydraulic press squishes a silly-string can, brightens your day

See what happens when the unstoppable crushing power of a hydraulic press goes up against a can full of blue silly string. It's like watching an elephant sit on a party.

There's a friendly battle brewing among hydraulic-press YouTube channels. The original Hydraulic Press Channel has given us memorable gems including the crushing of Lego toys, the smooshing of a diamond and the obliteration of a series of smaller hydraulic presses. Now brash young upstart channel PressTube is tossing some new items into the mix, including a can of Party Fun-brand fun string, better known as silly string.

PressTube wields a homemade 150-ton hydraulic press located in a blacksmith's workshop. In case you're not familiar with silly string, it's a kind of spray plastic that shoots out of an aerosol can, creating goofy, colorful strings.

The press descends on the can with a merciless show of force, first triggering the spray button to send out an enthusiastic bundle of string. The rest of the video is what hydraulic-press legends are made of. The can compresses under the unrelenting force, finally giving out with a spectacular and messy "pop!" It's entertaining. It's satisfying. It's why the Internet is obsessed with hydraulic presses.