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A hovercraft to mow your lawn

Electric hovering mower gives your grass a clean shave

The next frontier in technology may be your lawn. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration, but we're definitely seeing more products aimed at helping modern suburbanites be the envy of the Joneses and everyone else in the 'hood.


Just a few days ago we wrote of the "Droplet Electric Mower/Mulcher"--which, despite its painfully utilitarian name, sports a beautiful design created by Australian artist Ashley Marsh-Croft. Now, according to EcoGeek, a U.K. company named Flymo has created a line of hovering lawnmowers.

The electric Flymo Turbo is made with a lightweight design that "floats on a cushion of air and cuts easily in any direction." But it's not yet available in the United States--so for now we'll have to put up with the lousy job by the kid up the street. (Just kidding, Jimmy.)