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A high-stakes game of virtual golf

This sim will let you play online with your own clubs for $55,000.

Full Swing Golf

Golf has finally gone online with the likes of Microsoft Live and Sony's PlayStation Live, which is great news if you can gut out a room measuring at least 13 by 20 feet with a 10.5-foot ceiling. Oh, and you'll need about $55,000.

That's how much it would cost for Full Swing Golf's simulator to turn your bunker into a setting for 54 of the world's best courses, with options ranging from Pebble Beach to the Old Course at St. Andrews, all in photo-realistic 3D. And as you tee off with your own clubs, two 360-degree infrared curtains record the flight, speed, and direction of the ball to simulate performance and the final landing spot.

But the highlight has to be the online mode, which lets you compete in online tournaments or play over the Web against your buddies. The ultimate golf sim? Well, if you can afford a rich man's game of golf, you can certainly afford this.

(Source: Crave Asia)