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A hands-on look at the LG enV(2)

A hands-on look at the LG enV(2)

After we were done giving the LG Vu the once-over, we shifted our attention to the LG enV(2) to see how different it really is from the the original enV. The answer: a lot. Measuring 4.0 inches by 2.13 inches by 0.65 inch, it's smaller, slimmer, and just overall better looking than the first enV, especially its front face. Yeah, we're not too thrilled with the tiny front display, but it provides a lot more room for the keypad, which is surprisingly roomy. The internal screen gets a sizable bump to 2.4-inch over the original 2.25-inch model, and the flip-out QWERTY keyboard had a color makeover as well. We found it easy enough to tap out a short text using the keyboard, similar to the original enV. We were also pleasantly surprised by the menu interface, which looks colorful and well-organized.

LG enV(2) opened
LG enV(2) opened. Nicole Lee/CNET Networks

As we mentioned, the enV(2) will support Verizon's array of broadband services like V Cast Music and Video plus VZ Navigator. Other features include a 2.0-megapixel camera, a built-in image editor, a music player with support for MP3, WMA, and unprotected AAC, plus stereo Bluetooth. We'll give it a proper review once it debuts soon for $129.99 after a $50 rebate and a two-year contract.