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A hand-cranked Porsche (radio)

An example of combining old and new.

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Somehow, we don't associate the name Porsche with a hand crank--especially when it's on a radio. But that's what the venerable designers have done with the "Eton Porsche Design Radio," which combines old and new by using an aluminum crank to power its "super-heterodyne technology."

The crank, of course, is designed for use in emergencies or camping trips; the rechargeable radio can also run on AA batteries or an AC plug. But the elbow grease could come in handy for other uses, such as recharging a mobile phone with an adapter that's included.

Once it's up and running, it's basically a standard AM-FM shortwave radio, though it does include built-in LED lights and flashlight. We're waiting for Porsche to come up with a car that can start the same way.