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A guide to NYC's Digital Technology Week: Part I

The first few days of the tech hullabaloo that's about to hit Manhattan.

Caroline McCarthy/CNET Networks

With the DigitalLife Expo, several other conferences, and a whole bunch of tech press from all over the place in town, it's rather fitting that the municipal government has decided to designate September 24-30 as "Digital Technology Week." But because this is New York and we're used to weekends that start on Wednesdays, the tech hubbub really starts, well, tonight. So get that workday wrapped up!

-- 6PM ET: Startup Weekend kicks off at Polytechnic University in Brooklyn

-- 3 PM ET: OneWebDay lecture in Washington Square Park, featuring Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, Rocketboom founder Andrew Baron, NYCWireless' Dana Spiegel, and more.
-- 10 PM ET: OneWebDay and iCommons party at For Your Imagination studios
-- Startup Weekend continues at Polytechnic University

-- Startup Weekend wraps up at Polytechnic University

-- 8 AM ET: MIXX 2.7 expo, held by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and part of the city's Advertising Week, kicks off at the Crowne Plaza Times Square hotel
-- 6:30 PM ET: The monthly Web 2.0 Social Networking Tech Meetup at Slate Plus bar (54 West 21 St.) Sun Microsystems is sponsoring and providing refreshments
-- 6:30 PM ET: NewTeeVee's first-ever New York "Pier Screening" hosted by Om Malik et al. -- RSVP required
-- 8 PM ET: It's wholly unrelated to Technology Week, but this is when gazillionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban will make his first appearance on Dancing with the Stars

-- 12 AM ET: Halo 3 hits shelves. New York's official launch party is at the Best Buy at 29 5th Avenue
-- MIXX 2.7 and Advertising Week continue

We'll post Wednesday the 26 through Saturday the 29 in a few days. Chances are, more opportunities to mingle with fellow nerds will surface.